10/3/21(Sunday) - Dearfield Day

A Brief History of Dearfield, CO


Dearfield is located about 70 miles Northeast of Denver. Founder O.T. Jackson knew that there were Black farmers but not all of them owned or lived on the land that they did the work on. By 1909, Jackson created a Negro Townsite and Land Company which helped establish Dearfield as a new colony near Greeley. Dr. Westbrook stated that the colony "will be very dear to us" thus giving Dearfield its name.

Jackson and the town started building up slowly, but as the town grew it flourished. Dances and events occurred onsite where they invited the residents of Denver to participate in the festivities and get to know the town. Although Dearfield saw its decline in the 1940s, Jackson is revered for his time of building up a community to give back to his people. Currently, the BAWM&HC is working with UNC to restore the land and care for the abandoned buildings still standing, uncovering the history of the town with each new excavation.

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